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Bringing together multi-disciplinary teams to help our clients enhance the value and sustainability of our natural, built and social environment. Award winning consultants in planning, landscape architecture, urban design, ecology, graphics, mapping and cultural advisory.

Waterview North Annotated Concept

NZILA Category Winner / Infrastructure — 2019

The design brief was to create a mixed use space in the town centre to encourage walking and cycling instead of driving, promote active physical health and well-being with consideration to universal accessibility. We needed to create a safer and more vibrant town centre where people can visit, spend time and enjoy the many activities and opportunities on offer.
Whitianga Town Centre Upgrade – Stage One
Marine Parade Napier
Marine Parade

NZILA Award of Excellence / Parks — 2019

Image: uploads/2017_09/IMG_3456.JPG
Marine Parade Redevelopment
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