Inspirational projects from our members and national awards.

Image: uploads/2018_02/AccesstoWater_OpeningWeekend_Edit_1342017-2_9RgdCoP.jpg
Tauranga Waterfront 'Access to Water'
Image: uploads/2017_09/IMG_3456.JPG
Marine Parade Redevelopment
Unity between buildings and elements using organic curves and shapes
Williamson Park
Water of the Leith - The ORC flood widening works removed the old high concrete wall adjacent to the river to create a natural amphitheatre across the river from Registry.
University of Otago Central Campus Landscape Improvements Project
Image: uploads/2017_05/Sola-1004.jpg
Glen Eden Intermediate Courtyard
Photography: Russell Kleyn
Pukeahu National War Memorial Park

NZILA George Malcolm Award — 2017, NZILA Category Winner / Parks — 2017

Photography: Inhouse
Coast. Country. Neighbourhood. City. Isthmus Group Ltd

NZILA Category Winner / Communications — 2017, NZILA Charlie Challenger Award — 2017

Photography: David St George
Kopupaka Reserve

NZILA Category Winner / Te Karanga o te Tui — 2017

Photography: David St George
Kopupaka Reserve, Stage 1

NZILA Category Winner / Sustainability — 2017

Photography: Sky View Photography Limited
Waiheke Island Western Entrance Headland Landscape

NZILA Category Winner / Enduring — 2017

Image: uploads/2017_04/OliverPool-Lower-Catchment-Details.jpg
Pulse - Recovering the Lost Heartbeat of the Wellington Landscape

NZILA Category Winner / Student — 2017

Image: uploads/2017_04/ClaudiaBoyo-Cargo-Render-1_o.jpg
Hurunui O Rangi Marae

NZILA Award of Excellence / Student — 2017