In accordance with the Constitution, a Graduate NZILA Landscape Architect who wishes to enter the Mentoring Programme and become a Registered NZILA Landscape Architect must meet all of the following requirements:

- meet prerequisite academic requirements by graduating with a qualification in landscape architecture from an accredited, IFLA approved programme;
- have completed at least three but preferably four years practical experience in landscape architecture of a nature acceptable to the NZILA Executive Committee, of which at least one year must have been completed in New Zealand*;
- have their application supported by two Registered NZILA Landscape Architects who must certify personal knowledge of the candidate and their work, at least one of whom must attest to the candidate's suitability for registration as well as their professional ability and character, methods of practice, and experience;
- have passed the examination of the Institute and satisfied the Registered Membership Interview Panel (the Interview Panel) of their professional competence and knowledge of professional practice through an interview;
- be prepared to participate in, and record evidence of, a CPD programme including submission of an annual 'Personal CPD Plan' and record all activities carried out as evidence of CPD programme participation.

A graduate applying for Registered membership will require to be enrolled in the Mentoring programme and have a Mentor who will also act as a proposer for Registered membership.

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All Registered membership applicants, whether they are a graduate or 'full professional member' of a recognised (overseas) landscape architecture institute or association (reciprocity applicant), must be a current financial member of the NZILA.

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