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Scholarship awarded at Lincoln University

Posted 04 09 2019 by Gillian Lawson

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Nicole Tune (left) working with classmates at Ararira Springs Primary School.
Nicole Tune (left) working with classmates at Ararira Springs Primary School.
Nicole Tune wins Boffa Miskell Scholarship to help finish her studies

Nicole Tune has won the 2019 Boffa Miskell scholarship for meritorious achievement in 3rd year landscape architecture. She says ‘the opportunity to receive the Boffa Miskell Scholarship comes as a vote of confidence in my abilities as a landscape architect. I believe the Boffa Miskell Scholarship will enhance my learning as I continue into my final year at Lincoln, connecting me with professionals that have valuable experience. I am grateful to have the support of Boffa Miskell and Lincoln University at the beginning of my journey towards becoming a graduate landscape architect.

At the end of 2018, as second-year students, Nicole Tune and her classmates were asked to develop playground design concepts for Ararira Springs Primary School. The school asked for designs that could be temporary, made from recyclable materials and reflected the school's culture. Their completed designs were reviewed by the school and the local community to decide on a final design. The chosen design was comprised of different elements from several students' work. In our LASC393 course, the students were set the task of combining and building all the parts they had chosen to form a complete playground. This process required them to figure out how to construct the designs, to source and budget materials as well as project managing the time of construction. The project allowed the students to work in the local area, both in design but also by building within the school, including the school children in parts of the project. The project allowed Nicole to reflect on her design process in a real-life situation, which developed her skills as a future graduate landscape architect.