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“Sophisticated” Volcanic Highway adds to the landscape

Posted 28 11 2019

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Te Whitinga Footbridge.
Te Whitinga Footbridge.

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Boffa Miskell’s Waterview connection project was a worthy winner in the Infrastructure Category in this year’s Resene New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architecture Awards, according to the judges.

“The project exemplifies a sophisticated design-led approach in order to tackle the immense scale of this infrastructure project,” the citation read.

“Motorways are by definition linear corridors and present a number of challenges and opportunities. Practical and innovative solutions by the design team demonstrate the level of thought applied to ensure positive project outcomes. The design embodies a sense of place in all aspects of the project.”

Described as the Volcanic Highway, it reflects the rich layers of natural processes and lava fields, and unifies these layers through a restorative landscape.

“Materiality and planting recognise the rocky nature of the volcanic substrate and the concrete environment of a roading corridor, while providing an energised start to a long-term green corridor.

Image: uploads/2019_11/Infrastructure_CATEGORY_WINNER_Waterview.jpg

The project recognises the opportunities to provide city-wide connectivity, not only for vehicles but pedestrians as well.”

The judges also commended the designers on their incorporation of open spaces and parklets which were stitched together around highway walls, creating numerous activity areas, each grounded with their own sense of space.

“The lengthy process required extensive consultation with numerous stakeholders, a wide range of landowners, community and tangata whenua - all no doubt with disparate aspirations. And the team are to be commended on bringing it all together and achieving an outcome which adds to, rather than diminishes the landscape, no more so than at the interchange, where restoration of a coastal forest balances the scale of engineering works, and celebrates the history of the harbour.” 

You can see more about the project here.

Watch video here.