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Isthmus Group Ltd

Auckland / Christchurch / Tauranga / Wellington Central

42 Members
  • Brad Coombs FR
  • David Irwin FR
  • Ralph Johns FR
  • Gavin Lister F
  • Rose Armstrong R
  • Grant Bailey R
  • Zach Barker R
  • Brennan Baxley R
  • Blair Brixton R
  • Sean Burke R
  • Michael Chu R
  • Sophie Jacques R
  • Matthew Jones R
  • Nik Kneale R
  • Wade Lipsham R
  • Tessa Macphail R
  • Travis McGee R
  • Haylea Muir R
  • Andrew Norriss R
  • James Pattullo R
  • Nicholas Pearson R
  • Damian Powley R
  • Lisa Rimmer R
  • Kara Scott R
  • Daniel Turgeon R
  • Bradley Ward R
  • Travis Wooller R
  • Sarah Bishop
  • Tessa Bradbury
  • Simon Button
  • Tim Cook
  • Sean Eustace
  • Sophie Fisher
  • Lydia Franken
  • Elena Helliwell
  • Frank Hoffmann
  • Mihali Katsougiannis
  • Helen Kerr
  • Ivy Llanera
  • Caroline Sollerhed
  • Nada Stanish
  • Scott Wigglesworth

We are Isthmus Group, a full service, design-led studio focussed on connecting people and place. We blur the boundaries between the disciplines of architecture, landscape and urban design. Established in 1988, our name references both our Auckland base - between the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea - and our role as connectors. We work as a group harnessing the depth and breadth of our inter-disciplinary team. Our 75 staff are spread across studios in Wellington and Auckland.

Image: uploads/2019_04/48361712_10156348343938462_4420400604698902528_o.jpg
Chimpanzee Park

NZILA Category Winner / Playgrounds — 2019

Image: uploads/2019_04/DPS181102_C.jpg
Ferry Basin

NZILA Category Winner / Unbuilt Visionary — 2019

Image: uploads/2019_04/ChildrensGarden_1201__DSG5233.jpg
Discovery Garden

NZILA Award of Excellence / Institutional — 2019

Image: uploads/2016_10/eb3e225ad7c64754fa3c9fcaac2a56f0.jpg
Porirua CBD

Resene Total Colour Award — 2016

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