NZILA Waiata

In 2016 a call went out to all members asking for contributions for our own NZILA waiata outlining "Why we as landscape architects in 21st century Aotearoa do what we do with such passion. What do our places mean to us? How do our histories and cultures make us unique? What are our aspirations for the future? "

The ideas received have been beautifully interpreted into this waiata, thanks to our composer, Lynette Tamarapa, with the assistance of members from Te Tau a Nuku, in particular Phil Wihongi and Diane Menzies.

The words and explanation for this are included here for everyone to review. Also a link to an audio which we ask you to listen to.

Link to recording from the 2017 NZILA Conference held in Wellington.

NZILA Waiata music score attached here