Through award of Fellowship, the NZILA recognises its leaders, innovators and ambassadors, and those who have made a special contribution to the development and promotion of the profession.

The designation of Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects Tuia Pito Ora is conferred upon senior members of the profession, recognising their distinguished work, expertise and particular contribution to landscape, landscape architecture and the profession.

The current Fellows of the NZILA are:

Melean Absolum
Clive Anstey
Mike Barthelmeh
Chris Bentley
Jacky Bowring
Stephen Brown
Neil Challenger
Sarah Collins
Brad Coombs
John Darby
Renee Davies
Rachel de Lambert
Steve Dunn
Grant Edge
Boyden Evans
Garth Falconer
Chris Glasson
John Goodwin
John Hudson
David Irwin
Ralph Johns
Ralf Krüger
Gavin Lister
David Mckenzie
Tony Milne
Donald Miskell
Jenny Moore
Sally Peake
Craig Pocock 
John Potter
Helen Preston Jones
Peter Rough
Dennis Scott 
Mike Thomas
William Thresher 
Robert Watson
Julia Williams
Jan Woodhouse

A Call for Fellows is made in August each year.