Inspirational projects from our members and national awards.

Victoria Square Memorial_
Te Papa Ōtākaro Avon River Park

NZILA George Malcolm Award — 2019, NZILA Category Winner / Urban Spaces — 2019

Utilising the new pier for diving and swimming has introduced a lost quality
of spectacle to the water's edge_
Access to Water, Tauranga Waterfront

NZILA Award of Excellence / Urban Spaces — 2019

Aerial Perspective of Queenstown Town Centre Masterplan_
Queenstown Town Centre Masterplan

NZILA Award of Excellence / Strategic Landscape Planning — 2019

Wetlands in the wider surroundings with Wetland Bridge in the distance_
Vaughans Stream Corridor, Long Bay

NZILA Award of Excellence / Infrastructure — 2019

Exploded Components_
Ponsonby PARK+

NZILA Award of Excellence / Unbuilt Visionary — 2019

Occupant using F03’s upper level
seating edge_
Viaduct Promenade Interventions

NZILA Award of Excellence / Small Projects — 2019

Image: uploads/2018_02/AccesstoWater_OpeningWeekend_Edit_1342017-2_9RgdCoP.jpg
Tauranga Waterfront 'Access to Water'
Photography: Johhny Davis
Westhaven Promenade

NZILA Award of Excellence / Urban Spaces — 2017

Photography: Russ Flatt
Te Ara I Whiti - Light Path

NZILA Category Winner / Infrastructure — 2017

Image: uploads/2016_10/0bfaf5dd5e52b3d4fe5ff9cb11bbda8d.jpg
Te Ara I Whiti Light Path

PurpIe Pin Award for Spatial Design — 2016

© Johnny Davis
Westhaven Promenade