Information for Mentors and Sponsors


The NZILA Registration programme for graduates depends heavily on willingness of mentors and sponsors to coach and guide candidates through their professional experience.

A mentor must be a Registered NZILA Landscape Architect who is willing to provide a commitment both to the graduate and to the profession. The mentor's role is to help the graduate develop attitudes, strategies and skills that equip them for the profession and for practice as a landscape architect. He or she is not a teacher or a trainer, but rather someone who provides advice, guidance, and more formally, assessment against the various criteria established by the Institute.

Graduates are encouraged to meet with their mentor at a frequency that matches their experience and which will be agreed between them. It is suggested that meeting once every 2 months is a minimum requirement.

It is the graduate's responsibility to seek out a suitable mentor and sponsor. If you are approached to be a mentor, please download and read the Registration Process Mentor Guide that contains all the information you need.


A sponsor is a Registered NZILA Landscape Architect who is prepared to certify personal knowledge of an applicant seeking Registration through the reciprocity scheme.

Sponsorship of a landscape architect requires a member to diligently assess the applicant and their eligibility. Applicants are encouraged to seek sponsors with sufficient experience and knowledge to attest to their professional knowledge and competence within the New Zealand context. By endorsing the application, the sponsor is stating that they have personal knowledge of the professional ability and character, methods of practice, and experience of the applicant and consider that he/she has satisfied the requirements for NZILA Registered membership.

If you have been asked to sponsor a reciprocity candidate, please download and read the Registered Member Guide that contains all the information you need.