Registered Membership via Reciprocity

The NZILA offers recognition of an equivalent grade of membership to those persons who have passed the professional practice examinations and/or are full professional members of an equivalent overseas landscape architecture association or institute. These landscape architects are encouraged to apply for Registered Membership of the NZILA through the reciprocity scheme.

Assessment of reciprocity applications is based on judgment criteria specific to the New Zealand context, including the core practice competencies and the applicant's local work experience in New Zealand. Applicants are encouraged to supplement their professional knowledge with focus-based CPD in areas relating to the legal and social context of New Zealand - for example workshops on the RMA, Treaty of Waitangi, local ecology and re-vegetation, construction contracts and building law.

Landscape architects applying under reciprocity must meet all of the following requirements:

  • have been admitted to an equivalent grade of membership of an IFLA-recognised association, institute or body concerned with landscape architecture, provided that such candidate also:
  • have worked in New Zealand for a minimum of 45 weeks or 1 year;
  • have graduated with a qualification in landscape architecture from an accredited, IFLA recognised programme; and
  • be sponsored by two Registered NZILA members who certify personal knowledge of the candidate and their work, and at least one of whom attests to the candidate's suitability for registration as well as their professional ability and character, methods of practice, and experience, and 
  • satisfy the Interview Panel of their professional competence and knowledge of professional practice through an oral examination.

As part of the application process please note the following:

  • Include a summary of professional experience - a 3 page resume or CV;
  • Evidence of New Zealand professional experience;
  • Evidence of 15 points of CPD activity online covering a period of 45 weeks prior to application;
  • Include a workbook showing practice evidence: examples of work undertaken during practical experience in New Zealand - 30MB maximum file size;

If you are attending the Registration Interview in 2024 forms will need to be sent in by September (date TBC)

The term 'full professional member' is used here as each country uses different terms to describe their fully recognised professional members; eg registered, chartered, associate.

To apply to become an NZILA Registered Landscape Architect through the reciprocity scheme, please click here. For further information please download the Registered Member Guide by clicking here.

Unfortunately there is no opportunity for a landscape architect with qualifications other than those from IFLA accredited landscape architecture programmes to become a Registered NZILA Landscape Architect.

However, they may be able to join NZILA as an Affiliate member or 'friend'.