Registered Membership for Established Members G10+

This process has been created for those who have not entered the registration membership process at earlier points but have worked extensively in the profession and now wish to become a Registered Landscape Architect.

The difference between this process and the graduate member process is the increased level of experience required. Due to the increased requirement for experience, the need for mentorship has been met. Applicants applying via this process will still be assessed against the same core competencies as the graduate member process but are expected to have a greater depth of knowledge in their practice areas.

This is a temporary process and can be rescinded at any time if deemed necessary by the executive committee.

Applicants need to be able to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Be endorsed by two NZILA Registered Landscape Architects;
  • Have worked for a minimum of 450 weeks (at least 90 weeks in NZ); and
  • Be a current G10+ NZILA member.

The NZILA requires applicants who are applying through the Established Member process to submit with their application by 5pm on Wednesday 25th September 2019:

  • the endorsement of two NZILA Registered Landscape Architects (500 word citation from Sponsor);
  • summary of professional experience - a CV or 3-page resume;
  • Portfolio summarising practice experience (including NZ experience);
  • CPD Plan and evidence of CPD covering a period of 45 weeks prior to application;

An invoice for the Application fee of $499 + gst will be issued on receipt of the application.


Applicants will need to attend and pass the Institute’s examination to become a Registered Member. Interviews for candidates applying under the Established Member process will be focused on NZILA and New Zealand core practice areas. Candidates are expected to demonstrate a highly developed understanding of their responsibilities to the profession, the Institute, the community and the environment. Interviews will be held in October/November.

Please register your interest by contacting us