• What is Registration?

    Acceptance as a Registered member of the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects Tuia Pito Ora (NZILA) indicates the attainment of a level of professional competence and practical experience that is appropriate for a practicing professional landscape architect.  Once Registered, members are required to maintain Registration through continuing professional development (CPD).

    -  The New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects Tuia Pito Ora (NZILA) is New Zealand's only professional body for landscape architects.

    -  A NZILA professionally recognised landscape architect is referred to as being a Registered NZILA Landscape Architect.

    -  The Institute has a range of classes of membership including students, graduates and affiliates.

    -  Full members are Registered Members: note that a Fellow is a Registered member who has been honoured by the NZILA.

  • Why should I become 'Registered'?

    Using the term 'Registered' aligns the profession with other professions and reduces the chances of confusion by agencies seeking to employ certified professionals and consultants.

    Use of the term 'Registered Landscape Architect' is reserved for landscape architects who have achieved a level of professional competence and practical experience that is appropriate for a practicing professional landscape architect. The title "NZILA Registered Landscape Architect" can only be used by those New Zealand professionals who are professionally recognised through the NZILA. Until they successfully apply and are accepted, graduates from accredited programs will not be able to call themselves Registered NZILA Landscape Architects.

  • When do I start the Registered membership process?

    New Zealand Landscape Architecture graduates should complete a minimum of three years, and preferably four years of practical work experience, prior to enrolling in the Registered membership programme.

    This does not preclude a graduate finding and engaging with a mentor earlier, however.

    Once enrolled in the programme, and using an Assessment Workbook, they undergo and complete the mentoring and assessment process. Note: Graduates need to keep a record of their work experience prior to their enrolment. This will be used to demonstrate to their chosen mentor that they are ready to enter the programme.

  • Who is eligible to apply for Registered membership?

    There are two possible routes towards applying for becoming a Registered Landscape Architect:

    Graduate NZILA Landscape Architect members who have a qualification in landscape architecture from an accredited, IFLA approved programme, and who have completed at least three, and preferably four years practical experience in landscape architecture, of a nature acceptable to the Registrar of which at least one year must have been completed in New Zealand.

    Overseas Full Professional Member Landscape Architects who have passed the professional practice examinations and/or are full professional members of an equivalent IFLA recognized overseas landscape architecture association or institute. If living in New Zealand these landscape architects can apply for Registered Membership of the NZILA through the reciprocity process. Landscape architects applying under reciprocity must have been admitted to an equivalent grade of membership of an IFLA-recognised association, institute or body concerned with landscape architecture, provided that such candidate also has worked in New Zealand for a minimum of 45 weeks or 1 year; and has graduated with a qualification in landscape architecture from an accredited, IFLA approved programme;

    Note: All applicants for Registered membership, whether they are a graduate or 'full professional member' of a recognised (overseas) landscape architecture institute or association, must be a current financial member of the NZILA.

  • When should a graduate enroll in the mentoring programme?

    While there is no set time for enrolment, it is expected that graduates will have 60-90 weeks mentoring prior to attending the Registration Interview which is held in November each year.  

  • What is required for enrolment in the mentoring programme?

    You need to show your practical work record and examples to your selected mentor for him/her to co-sign your form indicating they consider you are ready for mentoring (ie will be ready to sit the exam within 90 weeks). You will need to contact your Mentor via your dashboard and confirm that they are happy to be your Mentor.  NZILA will email an invoice for $100 + gst for the application fee.

  • Are applications for Registered membership from NZ Landscape Architects working overseas acceptable?

    Normally, applications for Registered membership from outside New Zealand are not accepted, although they are not precluded. Even if the applicant has New Zealand recognised qualifications, they are normally required to be living and working in New Zealand. They are required to have New Zealand experience as a landscape architect, at the time of the application. They must also attend an interview in person.

    Therefore if a graduate landscape architect, or a more senior but non-Registered landscape architect, is employed overseas, they will have to return to New Zealand and be working here to apply to become a Registered NZILA Landscape Architect. They could of course apply for membership of the local Institute in the country of residence.

  • How do I find a mentor?

    It is the Graduate's responsibility to find a mentor. He/she will need to be someone who has been a Registered Member for a minimum of 2 years and will preferably be from your workplace. If there is no-one in your workplace, or you work alone, you are advised to approach your local NZILA branch that can supply you a list of eligible members to approach. You could also team up with other graduates and share a mentor.

  • What is the format of the interview?

    The Interview Panel consists of a Chair and several senior landscape architects. Each interview is conducted by at least three of the panel, with one of these members convening the panel and acting in the capacity of Chair for that interview. Each interview lasts for approximately one hour.

    Work examples submitted with the application may used by the candidate and panelists at the interview as prompts and reference material for questions. Questions are aimed at confirming that applicants have a good understanding of key concepts and the core competencies of landscape architecture professional practice.

    The tone of the interview is semi-formal, where the Interview Panel aims to create a welcoming comfortable environment for the candidates and open professional conversation where the candidate is treated as a professional equal. Interviewers gain assurance about the candidate's knowledge, skills, and attitudes, and may ask for specific examples or evidence of: Situations - from the candidates professional experience Behaviours - what they did in those situations Outcomes - the results of what they did

    Interviews for candidates applying under reciprocity will be focused on NZILA and New Zealand core practice areas.

    The panel will also question graduates and applicants under the reciprocity process on ethical issues, the Code of Professional Conduct, the Resource Management Act and other relevant statutory documents, their commitment to continuing professional development, as well as administrative and legal matters relating to the profession and to the practice of landscape architecture in general - aspects which may not necessarily be directly related to the work submitted in their portfolios.

    Applicants will be expected to demonstrate a highly developed understanding of professionalism and the way in which ethics impact on the practice of landscape architecture. This includes a clear understanding of the full range of responsibilities to the profession, the Institute, the community and the environment.

  • How do I become a mentor?

    To be a Mentor, you need to have been a Registered landscape architect for at least 2 years. You will also ideally have a wide range of experience and a willingness to: Help graduates develop attitudes, strategies and skills that equip them for the profession and for practice as a landscape architect. Provide advice and guidance; and more formally, help them work through an NZILA Assessment Handbook.