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Marina Cervera

Barcelona, Spain

Marina Cervera is a highly accomplished Architecture and Landscape Architecture graduate from the prestigious Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) - Barcelona Tech. She holds a Master's in Landscape Architecture (MLA, 2003) and a Master's in Urban Research (MIUrb, 2014), both earned at the same institution.

Marina Cervera has been recognised throughout her academic journey for her exceptional talents and dedication to the field. She received prestigious scholarships, including the Mies van der Rohe Foundation Scholarship in Venice, Italy (2001), the Caixa Arquitectos Foundation Scholarship (2002), and the Villa LeNôtre Internship for Architects Paisatgistes Professionals at Versailles, Paris, France (2016), at l'ENSPV Résidences Internationales pour paysagistes. In 2019, Marina Cervera reached a significant milestone in her career when she was appointed the Luigi Einaudi Chair for the Institute of European Studies (IES) at Cornell University, Ithaca, USA, further highlighting her expertise and contribution to the field of landscape architecture.

With a strong foundation in both academia and professional practice, Marina Cervera has made significant contributions to the industry. She has garnered experience at renowned institutions and firms such as Ateliers Jean Nouvel in Paris, the Center for Landscape Research and Projects (CRPPB) led by Rosa Barba at UPC, and since 2003, in her professional practice based in Barcelona NABLABCN Studio. Her work spans planning, landscaping, and architecture, showcasing her versatility and commitment to design excellence.Additionally, Marina Cervera serves as the Executive Director of the Landscape Architecture Department at the College of Architects of Catalonia. She is an esteemed Executive and Scientific Committee member of the Barcelona International Landscape Biennial, demonstrating her leadership and dedication to the field.

Marina Cervera also plays a vital role in education as an adjunct professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya UPC-BarcelonaTech, where she is affiliated with the School of Architecture (ETSAB) and the Department of Urbanism and Territorial Planning (DUOT). Her involvement extends to the new degree in Landscape Architecture (ESAB + ETSAB), where she imparts her knowledge and expertise to the next generation of professionals.

Furthermore, Marina Cervera has established a robust international presence through her extensive involvement in professional organizations such as IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects), where she has served as the Professional Practice and Policy Chair, and IFLA EU where she has held the positions of past Secretary General and the inaugural Communication Chair. She has actively participated in numerous conferences, moderated sessions, and contributed her expertise. Marina has also played a significant role as a jury member at esteemed institutions and events worldwide, including RMIT Europe, Nanjing and Chengdu University in China, AHO in Norway, Versailles in France, and POLIMI in Milan, Italy.