Small Urban Conference 2017

A beach. Three houses. A road. A valley.

NZILA Firth conference
6-7 April 2017

Small Urban Conference 2017

The NZILA Firth conference held in April 2017 had a theme of Small Urban with four sub themes:

· Opportunistic Urban
· Wild Urban
· Advocating Urban, and
· Moving Urban

In the era of the global, consumption and land prices and mass transit and starchitecture make big cities bigger. Small urban offers a compelling alternative, a resistance to the globalizing trend a mindset that connects the local to the global, especially in Aotearoa New Zealand with its network of small urban landscapes. Networks of the small urban in cities, towns and villages offer a refreshing sensibility for a challenging future.

If you wish to download the Conference booklet that had the programme details click here

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