Image: View over Wellington from Mt Victoria

Past Conferences

How many of these conferences were you at?

Photo credit: Graham Densem, 1975 Conference

Past Conferences

2017:  Wellington
Small Urban 
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2016:  Dunedin
Climate Change, the impact on our landscape
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2015:  Rotorua
The spirt of the landscape
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2014:  Gisborne
The Rising Sun
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2013:  Auckland 
2013 IFLA World Congress, shared wisdom in an age of change

2012:  Christchurch
Movers & Shakers, Designing for resilience and lessons for recovery
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2011:  Kerikeri
Innovative rural landuse

2010:  Wellington
The power of landscape

2009:  Queenstown
The big picture workshop

2008:  Auckland
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2007:  Hawkes Bay
Landscape of lifestyle
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2006:  Wellington
Joan Nasser workshop

2006:  Sydney

2005:  Dunedin
Looking forward to heritage landscapes
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2004:  Christchurch
ECOPOLIS, vision and means 

2003:  Auckland
Urbanism down-under, transforming cities in Australia and NZ
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2001: Queenstown
Footprints in Paradise

2000:  Auckland
NZILA/LIANZ joint, cafe ecology
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1999: Lincoln University
Landscape Assessment – Means and Ends,

1998:  Wellington
Today's actions, tomorrow's landscapes

1997:  UNITEC, Auckland
Landscape of human experience

1996:  Palmerston North
The Big Picture. Joint with LIANZ

1995:  Christchurch
Views and Visions – a response to Pacific Tourism, Christchurch. IFLA Eastern Regional Conference

1994: Whakatane

1993: Wellington 
An opportunity for landscape designing and managing for sustainability
Note: the outcome was a submission on the RMA Amendment Bill

1992:  Nelson
NZILA/AILA, Energy Budgeting

1991:  Auckland
NZILA/AILA, The critical path

1990:  Hamilton
Changing times
Stewardship in a new environment. With the major changes taking place, particularly the shift in emphasis to consulting operations and user pays, where will the responsibilities for promoting environmental criteria lie?

1989: Christchurch
Creative Development (Martha Schwartz workshop in parallel)

1987:  Hawkes Bay
Two cultures, one landscape

1985:  Queenstown
Tourism and the NZ landscape

1984: Auckland
Downtown New Zealand
Exploring the relationship between people and their city environment

1982: Hot Air ’82, Lincoln College 
‘Communicating' - skills to promote awareness of the profession and landscape awareness

1981: Wellington
New Zealand Where are You?

1980 Christchurch
Landscape Assessment and Continuing Education, workshop associated with AGM

1979: Nelson Lakes National Park
Design Retreat ’79
To examine the wide spectrum of design work being undertaken by landscape architects in New Zealand

1976: Christchurch

1975: Wellington
Open Space

1974:  Lincoln College
With the Institute of Agricultural Science
Landscape architecture and the rural scene