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Sandy Point Domain Masterplan

Boffa Miskell

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  • NZILA Award of Excellence Master Planning and Urban Design Strategy — 2024
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Sandy Point Domain is highly valued by the local community and visitors to Invercargill. At over 2000 hectares in area, the Domain is a key part of Invercargill’s network of parks and reserve. The Domain has significant cultural, biodiversity, historic and amenity values; and provides a wide range of recreation and adventure activities. It is ‘home’ to many sports and recreation clubs. In developing a 50-year masterplan to inform the future use and management of Sandy Point Domain, three key challenges were identified: The Domain remaining relevant to the population of Invercargill and Southland, and catering for future recreational trends. The quality and appropriateness of existing infrastructure, assets, and land use; and how these can be maintained and enhanced. The potential impact of climate change, including the effects of inundation on assets and infrastructure. Boffa Miskell developed a Masterplan that provides a ‘road map’ for how existing and future challenges can be met; how the Domain can evolve, thrive and be enhanced in the next 50 years, so that it continues to be a place that the people of Invercargill and Southland use and enjoy. Boffa Miskell worked in partnership with Waihōpai Rūnaka and Te Ao Marama Incorporated to understand and intertwine Mana whenua values to guide and support the overarching strategy and key moves for the project. Thorough engagement with a wide range of stakeholders enabled the team to test ideas and gain feedback. The Sandy Point Domain Masterplan was endorsed by Invercargill City Councillors in September 2023

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The Sandy Point Domain Masterplan developed by Boffa Miskell and Invercargill City Council will guide the 10-, 25- and 50-year horizons of the Domain. In-depth research informed the masterplan and provided information including physical, historic, social, recreation, ecology, and environmental site context, while also considering the impact of climate change. 

Engagement with stakeholders and partnership with Mana Whenua Waihōpai Rūnaka and Te Ao Marama Incorporated has informed masterplan outcomes. Consideration has been given to diverse conditions, recreational eco-adventures and eco-parklands, wetlands, native planting and forested areas, existing areas of significant biodiversity, the Ōreti River and riparian areas and coastal environments.

This is a great example of planning for long-term outcomes with an astute sense of guardianship for the landscape.

Boffa Miskell Limited and Invercargill City Council

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