Awards FAQs

Additional information for entering awards

Please find below some useful information about the 2024 awards process. We will keep this page updated regularly. 

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Eligibility and entering

Q: Who is eligible to enter?

A: The awards are open to all companies who have an employee who is a NZILA financial member – whether Life, Registered, or Graduate. Affiliate members and Honorary Fellows are not eligble. Students enrolled in an accredited course are eligible for the student category. Please see Terms for Entry for more information. 

Q: Is there a fee to enter?

A: The first entry from an eligible company does not incur a fee, but subsequent entries do. Students are excluded from the first entry offer. Please see more about fees and eligibility here

Q: What are the categories and criteria?

A: Please see the call for entries document that outlines all categories, general criteria, and category specific criteria. You can find the document here. 

Q: Do you have tips for how to put together a submission?

A: Here's a clip from the 2022 awards head judge, Jacky Bowring, sharing some tips for crafting your submission


Q: My project is complete and the RM hearing has been undertaken, but the decision won't be available until after the submissions close, can I still enter? 

A: No, you should wait until your RM work has completed the full process - ie your proposal has been considered and the legal planning process is complete.

Q: When do submissions close?

A: Submissions close on 2 February 2024, at 5pm. 


Enduring Landscapes Award

Q: What is the Enduring Landscape Award?

A: This award acknoweldges an enduring piece of designed and managed landscape that contributes to the betterment of society or demonstrates great forethought. The built project should be at least 20 years old, still well maintained and utilised, and truly showcase visionary thinking and long-term engagement. This is the chance for us all to remember those projects that continue to shape our lives and inspire us.

Q: Who can nominate a project for the Enduring Landscape Award?

A: Nominations must be from someone external to the firm or individual who created the work - ie, you can't self nominate (person or firm). Nominators can be from the planning community, a contractor, or the general public, so long as any/all practices who have contributed towards the longevity of the project are acknowledged. 


Judging process

Q: Who are the judges?

A: You can read about our highly qualified judging panel here. Judges are selected as a collective for their breadth of expertise as well as diversity in age, gender, location and professional experiences.

Q: How are entries judged?

A: The judges individually assess all entries and then come together to review and agree on the shortlist. Shortlisted projects are visited and reviewed in person over two weeks in March. The judges then come together again to decide on the winners and awards of excellence.

Q: What if the judges don't think I entered the right category?

A: If the panel agrees an entry should be in a different category than entered, someone will be in touch to discuss. 

Q: Do I get any chances for resubmission after the closing date?

A: If the judges believe an entry has been submitted incorrectly or missing a key piece of information or formatted against the rules, someone will be in touch to ask you to resubmit. You will have a week to complete this process. 


Ceremony and sponsorship

Q: Is there a ceremony to announce and celebrate the winners?

A: Yes! There will be a formal gala dinner at Parliament in Wellington on 17 May 2024 after the Firth NZILA Wānanga. We encourage all entrants and winners to attend along with their clients, project partners, friends, family and staff, as this is where the winners in each category and the major award winners will be announced. Details and ticketing options can be found here

Q: Who is the sponsor of the Awards?

A: Our naming rights sponsor of the Awards programme is Resene. NZILA is grateful for Resene's support. 

Q: Can I sponsor?

A: If you would like to discuss partnering with us on an aspect of the Awards celebration, please email to set up a chat.