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Glen Eden Intermediate Courtyard

SOLA Landscape Architects

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This once vacant space transformed through design. Surrounded by classrooms beaming with energy this space that had long used its last breath needed a new lease of life to dispense vitality and mold maturing students. Students, teachers and visitors converge in this intimate and maturing urban aesthetic.

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The courtyard was a flat dilapidated asphalt court surrounded by classrooms; underutilised and mainly operated as a thoroughfare with numerous connections. The principal came to SOLA with an empty canvas, and with a brief of creating a multiuse courtyard space for students with the flexibility to be used for outdoor classrooms.

SOLA took hold of the brief and designed a multi-use area where outdoor classes can be carried out and students can socialise during lunchtimes. The geometric space promotes social interaction through seating nodes, allowing large or small groups and classes to congregate. Set out on simple 3 by 3m grid sought to align seating, artificial turf and gardens with specimen trees to frame the central space.

Two large c-shaped concrete seats pull students through the space and focuses energy to the centre of the courtyard. Insitu concrete seating is capped with a custom made kwila decking.

Gardens confine and enclose seating providing privacy to the seat users, as the plants and trees grow they will lend shade and comfort. Black painted vertical timber poles lead users through the space along an axial spine and acts as the main thoroughfare.

The art poles are removable with the option to be painted by the art classes to create a sense of ownership and pride. An angular timber podium rises from the centre of the courtyard cleverly designed around the shade sail poles. The podium collectively affords an array of opportunities; a place to socialise, play, learn and teach.

Credits: Nick Regal, Mike Rogan, Lisa Sang, Tim Richardson, Chrystal James