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Victoria University of Wellington


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  • Hannah Hopewell
  • Bruno Marques
  • Carles Martinez-Almoyna
  • Maria Rodgers

Victoria University is one of New Zealand’s oldest and most prestigious tertiary institutions with a proud tradition of academic excellence. Learn more about our 115 years of rich history.

Image: uploads/2017_04/OliverPool-Lower-Catchment-Details.jpg
Pulse - Recovering the Lost Heartbeat of the Wellington Landscape

NZILA Category Winner / Student — 2017

Image: uploads/2017_04/ClaudiaBoyo-Cargo-Render-1_o.jpg
Hurunui O Rangi Marae

NZILA Award of Excellence / Student — 2017

Image: uploads/2017_01/Charlie_Challenger_Supreme1.jpg
Earthquake Cities on the Pacific Rim

NZILA Charlie Challenger Award — 2013

Image: uploads/2017_01/Rae_ki_te_Rae_3.JPG
Rae ki te Rae

Te Karanga O Te Tui Award — 2015