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DCM Urban Design Limited


7 Members
  • Hannah Bruere R
  • David Compton-Moen R
  • Christopher Greenshields R
  • Becky Darragh
  • Cooper Davis
  • Johanna (Nika) Kent
  • Nadine Kirton

DCM Urban Design Limited is a boutique design firm specialising in urban development, planning and landscape architecture projects.

DCM Urban approaches each project as a unique opportunity, working closely with clients to visualise or solve complex design issues.  We work at all scales, from providing expert advice or assessment work for planning consents and district plans through to designing street furniture.

Water of the Leith - The ORC flood widening works removed the old high concrete wall adjacent to the river to create a natural amphitheatre across the river from Registry.
University of Otago Central Campus Landscape Improvements Project
Queenstown's housing shortage - the tussle between supply and design