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Call for Survey Participants

Posted 10 02 2020

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Landscape Design in Aotearoa New Zealand

Anna O’Sullivan is a doctoral scholar at Lincoln University, in the department of landscape architecture.  Her current research is looking at landscape design in landscape architecture.  She’s surveying those in the profession to help better understand the core skills of landscape architecture, examining how they are both prioritised and valued within the profession.

Landscape architecture has a range of skills and knowledge, some of which are shared by other professions. Expertise in Landscape Design is a key difference between allied professions and landscape architecture. 

The survey will contribute towards research that seeks to ascertain the standing of landscape design 1 in the profession of landscape architecture. Through surveying the views of the profession, it will be possible to better understand the core skills  of landscape architecture and examining how landscape design is both prioritised and valued within the profession of landscape architecture.

The resulting data will contribute to a doctoral thesis in landscape architecture, and results which will be disseminated through professional and academic articles.

What types of participants are being sought?

Landscape architects and allied professionals who interact with landscape architects while carrying out their own work. These could be, but are not limited to, architects, engineers, planners, horticulturalists, contractors, urban designers and ecologists.

What will you be asked to do?

A link is available below if you wish to complete the survey. The survey takes a maximum of 15 minutes to complete, with questions about your professional background, education and your opinion and experience of skills and knowledge held by the profession of landscape architecture.

If you are a landscape architect you will be asked to complete an extra set of questions at the end of the survey about your own experiences in the profession and skill development.

This research also will provide an opportunity for landscape architects to participate in a future workshop on planting design in practice. To participate you’ll need to email the researcher directly with your contact details. This email will not be not linked to your survey.

The survey is voluntary and there is a period of 14 days where you can withdraw from the study after submitting the survey data. 

How will your data be used?

The data will be used to determine the value placed on a range of skills and knowledge in the profession of landscape architecture.  

What will happen to the results? 

The data will be published as part of a doctoral thesis and in peer reviewed professional and academic journals.

Only the researcher (Anna O’Sullivan) and the supervision team (Jacky Bowring and Gillian Lawson) will have access to the data collected, which is completely anonymous. Anonymity is assured through the use of Qualtrics online survey systems and by the limited demographic data collected.

Please contact the below if you have any questions:

This research has been reviewed and approved by the Lincoln University Human Ethics Committee.

If you are ready to contribute your thoughts and experiences on landscape design please click the link here.