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Registered Membership

Posted 02 12 2019

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Congratulations to the new Registered Members

This year was the biggest ever in terms of Registration, with 37 candidates interviewed; nearly 3 times the number that were interviewed last year - requiring 26 panellists, 3 venues and 4 days of interviews. 

It is of course great to be able to welcome all these new Registered Members, but what is really exciting is the calibre of the work that was presented. The professional awareness of the candidates is very pleasing, while the scale and complexity of projects is truly impressive and a very pleasing reflection of the growing maturity of the profession and its reach and contribution to managing environmental change in this country - Neil Challenger, NZILA Registration Panel Chair

Congratulations to the 34 newly Registered Members:

Jade Au Morris
Meg Back
Matthew Bangs
Zach Barker
Sally Bishop
Henry Crothers
Kieran Dove
Kevin Dwyer
Lawrence Elliott
Michelle Flanagan
Elizabeth Gavin
Kim Goodfellow
Charles Gordon
Christopher Greenshields
Ashleigh Hunter
Linnea Jacobsen
Wade Lipsham
Cory Manson
Kate McNeill
Leicester Murray
Michael Pentecost
Luke Porter
Stephen Quin
Marcus Robinson
Gabriel Ross
Robin Simpson
Felix Smith
Emma Taylor
Daniel Turgeon
Ainsley Verstraeten
Chantal Whitby
Anne Wilkins
Evan Williams
Michael Wright

The NZILA Executive Committee wish to extend a huge thank you to Neil Challenger (Registration Panel Chair), John Potter (Deputy Panel Chair) and the 2019 Panellists: Rachael Annan, Helen Baggaley, Mark Brown, Katie Chilton, Jennifer Dray,  Bruno Gilmour, Rhys Girvan, Sophie Jacques, Rebecca Jerram, Matthew Jones, Linda Kerkmeester, Andrew King, Rebecca Lucas, Tessa Macphail, Helen Mellsop, Tony Milne, Yvonne Pfluger, Jamie Roberts, Sophie Strachan, Yoko Tanaka, Mike Thomas, Nancy Vance and Peter Whiting who worked hard reading workbooks and interviewing candidates, and to the Mentors who gave their candidates advice and guidance over many months.

Many thanks to Boffa Miskell who kindly hosted all the interviews this year.