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SOLA Seminar Series: “Campus Design for Human Health”

23 Sep, Online

“Campus Design for Human Health” - presented by Kelly Curl – Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at Colorado State University.
Kelly Curl is an Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture and College of Agricultural Sciences. Curl joined the CSU faculty in 2010. Kelly’s current research engages with measuring landscape performance within the built environment. She measures the effectiveness with which landscape solutions fulfill their intended purpose and contribution to sustainability. She also studies and evaluates the economic, environmental, and social implication of green infrastructure in land-Use and water planning. Prior to academia, Kelly was an Associate at PWP Landscape Architecture, Inc.    

Campus Planning and Design are integral tools to create a cohesive infrastructure system that incorporates all buildings and open spaces as a whole system, linking each of the buildings together by an overall design. The purpose of a campus is to bring together diverse people and their ideas in an environment that creates potential for intellectual and social exchange. While the physical character and quality of a campus are defined by both its buildings and its open space, it is the open space which has the greatest potential for unifying and balancing the shared space of the campus. It can promote the sense of community derived from an actively-shared space and provide for the enriching experiences of both planned and chance encounters. Comprised of streets, walkways, green spaces, courtyards, plazas, and gardens, open space has the potential to unite the diverse elements of the campus in a coherent way.

I will be sharing my project, Cleveland Clinic Heart Center, from my time working with Peter Walker. The Cleveland Clinic Heart Center and Allee was the first project to be built as the part of the Cleveland Clinic’s Masterplan.”

Date: 23 September 2020
Time: 10.00am

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The presentation is taking place ONLINE and it will be a PUBLIC LIVE EVENT

The event will be recorded and available for viewing on the SOLA YouTube page:

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