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Attention all Graduate members

Posted 20 07 2022

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Members who sat the registration interview in November 2020 being presented their certificates at the President's Function in 2021
Members who sat the registration interview in November 2020 being presented their certificates at the President's Function in 2021
Are you wanting to become a Registered Member in 2023?

Applications closing soon - 

1 August 2022


Here's three of the top reasons why you should:

Being a Registered Landscape Architect signifies your level of professionalism and status, it’s a great step as part of your career advancement and Registered Landscape Architect raises the recognition of both you and the profession.

As a Registered Landscape Architect, you can be more appealing to future employers, it looks great in annual salary appraisals, and being Registered is often a requirement when bidding on tenders.

Adding “NZILA (Registered)” to your name looks great on the CV and business cards, it means you can also use the Registered Trademark graphic, and you will be searchable on the NZILA website as Registered. Becoming a Registered Landscape Architect means you are making the most of your career investment.


To be eligible to attend the Registration Interview in November 2023 you need to have a minimum of 60 weeks in the Mentoring Programme which means you must complete the online Application for Mentoring no later than 1 August 2022.  


Where to from here?
1) Choose a Mentor - this can be a Registered Member in your office or another practice. Your mentor needs to be someone who:
   a) has been working as a Registered LA for at least 2 years
   b) understands the role of being a mentor
   c) is happy to commit the time and energy to being your mentor

2) Once your Mentor has confirmed their willingness to Mentor you, an invoice for $50 + gst will be emailed. Once payment is received we will confirm your participation in the Mentoring Programme.

3) Meet regularly with your mentor to get them to assess your progress, allow you to pick their brains and ensure you are on the right track. Your mentor is a key assessor of your competency and will be signing off various assessment criteria along the way.

4) Attend workshops with Group Mentors (2 are compulsory). Your local NZILA branch organises the group mentoring sessions, your local registration representative will be in contact to inform you of these or check the calendar on the website.

5) Attend Core Competency seminars/workshops (not compulsory) and do additional reading and research on areas you may be lacking in knowledge.

6) Complete your Assessment Workbook with a CV, a record of your activity and signed mentor assessment sheets.

7) Complete your Portfolio of relevant project examples.

8) Complete the Online Registration Interview Application. Submit your Assessment Workbook and portfolio (date TBC). Attend the Registered Membership Interview in November 2023 (date TBC).

You will find all the information you need in the Members Only section of this website at this link.