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Greater Christchurch Partnership

Posted 11 10 2017

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Our SPACE - Updating the settlement pattern for Greater Christchurch

Councils across Greater Christchurch are working together to review the planning framework that ensures there is the right provision for the growth of the City and surrounding towns over the next thirty years.

This project will culminate, towards the end of 2018, in an updated settlement pattern component to the existing Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy (UDS).

We value your knowledge and experience and so we want to hear from you. Please can you take a moment to click this link and respond to our initial two minute survey by 1 November 2017. 

Where we are at:

The first phase, that is underway now, is to make sure we have a strong evidence base for wider engagement and decision-making in subsequent phases of the project.
As part of this ‘Capacity Assessment’ we are reviewing future projections for household and business growth and tracking market indicators.

We will also be testing the commercial feasibility of land currently zoned or planned for future housing or business activities but not yet developed, and determining how far each council’s infrastructure planning will accommodate these areas. If your organisation can help to complete the picture of where we currently stand we would be keen to hear from you during 2017.

To that end, we may also follow up with some further more specific queries targeted to different sectors and seeking more input from you.

Further information on this project is outlined below and you can find out more about Our SPACE by visiting the website. If you wish to get in touch by email, including to send any relevant information from your organisation, please contact