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Thinkers + Doers: FROM DESIGN TO ACTION- Diana Wiesner

5 Aug, Online

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Beyond the natural landscape’s crucial role in shaping our territorial identity, it also makes up a big share of our cultural and ecological heritage. Within this, urban public space is what helps our city’s natural endowments shine. Urban public spaces have their own, unique spatial structures and ecosystems, and should therefore come equipped with eco-systemic provisions, regulations and public and cultural services; all of which boost civic solidarity, equality and culture; and, in turn, lead to fluent public/private relations and better human health—both physical and emotional.

This lecture looks at the effects of globalization in finding efficient, replicable and swift solutions that can be set in motion as fast as the world’s urban centres are growing; however, these tend to homogenize the urban landscape. Eco-urbanism and Green Infrastructure are two visions that endeavour to better contextualize urban ecology in a holistic and inclusive way. Climate change tests our resilience when confronting natural disasters; hence, nature-based solutions prioritize healthy ecosystems as the best means available to face the future. Eco-urbanism and Green Infrastructure-based solutions will succeed if backed by new, local, nature-based urban initiatives built on designs and approaches that aim to bring society together on the issues of how best to consume water, air, food; regulate temperature and provide rest and recreation for all of its members.

Diana Wiesner is founder and director of Fundación Cerros de Bogotá and Head of Arquitectura y Paisaje EU design office. She is passionate about enhancing landscapes and the cultural values of her native Colombia, South America. Diana believes that her approach seeks to integrate culturally based place-making and community participation to advance the health and well-being of humans and ecosystems at the local, regional, and global scales. Her outstanding 20 years career as a landscape architect has brought her many awards and invitations to international conferences to celebrate the potential of public spaces for education, cultural events, environmental and ecological enhancement, sustainability, aesthetic impact, quality landscape construction, recreation, stimulus … and joy!

‘Thinkers and Doers’ aims at bringing together practitioners, scholars, students and the wider community of landscape architecture and affiliated built environment disciplines to share ideas and to hear the latest innovations in the field. This online series brings together nationally and internationally renowned experts through an initiative between the NZILA Wellington Branch and the Landscape Architecture Programme at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.

Date: Wednesday 05 August
Time: 8.00am

Lectures are 25-30min talk followed up by 5-10 mins Q&A

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