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11 Oct, Tunisia

The 6th IFLA AFRICA SYMPOSIUM that is to take place 11th - 12th October 2019 in Tunisia.
The Program is still being finalized, but there promise to be some interesting speakers. 

Theme:  Landscape, Landscape Architects and Sustainable Cities
There will almost certainly be speakers from all continents including Pierre Donadieu (ENSP Versailles), Gareth Doherty (Harvard), Brandon S. Peters (Clarke/Barnes USA), Dr Aarti Grover (New Delhi), Carolyne Wanza (Kenya)….. to mention just a few. 
For all information concerning the symposium, please contact the organizing committee:

Jilani Chatti -
Sondès Zaier -
Ikram Saidane - 
Registration is US $120 for IFLA members and US $150 for non members. 
Payment is through bank transfer - please contact the above people for details. 
Apart from the Symposium, it is a great opportunity for networking and Tunisia is a beautiful country with lots to see!

11th - 12th October 2019

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