Firth Fun Competition

Entries now closed

Winners will be announced at Conference on the 7th May.

Firth fun competition “Radical Reorientation Te Rangitāmiro” Conference 2021                        
Tauranga 2021, Radical Reorientation Te Rangitāmiro is an opportunity to hear thought-provoking ideas and experiences from leaders and collaborators involved in issues impacting the present and future of Aotearoa's landscape. 

The Firth fun competition is an opportunity to demonstrate how you have made a difference, what actions you have taken, how you have influenced and collaborated to create a space that solves a problem, enhances the surroundings and improves or maintains the natural environment, including waterways.

We want to know about your inspirations in projects that have made you proud.

Firth fun competition provides Landscape Architects an opportunity to showcase their landscaping project from 2016 to current. 

Your project should be built and not been submitted for consideration before.
Two winners will each take away a Weber baby Q BBQ. 
The projects will feature in Firth’s newsletter, website and social media.

The 2021 NZILA Firth conference is a focus on Radical Reorientation Te Rangitāmiro, which requires a community to collaborate. Transitioning to a low carbon future, resource management and distribution, open source (knowledge sharing/collaboration) and local (building/strengthening community).

In keeping with the conference “Radical Reorientation Te Rangitāmiro” theme the two competition categories are:
- Urban Landscape
- Small Project 

Finalists will be selected using the following scoring criteria:
- The project demonstrates collaboration, change and a rewiring of existing thinking – 1 point
- The product is from Firth’s concrete or paving / masonry range – 1 point
- Concrete / masonry product used sustainably – 1 point
- The final point voted by the conference delegates attending the conference – 1 point

Entries from the category finalists will be displayed at the conference.
Conference attendees will be invited to vote on their favourite project in each category.
One point will be awarded per vote (one vote for each category per attendee will be allowed).

The points will be totalled, and the winners announced on Friday 7th May 2021 during the final day of the conference.

Send images of your completed landscaped projects with a “Radical Reorientation Te Rangitāmiro” theme and description of the project (400 words).
Firth will arrange and print on A3 ready for display at the conference.

ENTRY CHECKLIST - please check you have included:
- A short description (400 words) of the project, including products used and contractors (if known).
- The category you are entering.
- Imagery: up to four high-resolution digital photographs. Images may be submitted via post on USB or using online file sharing portals such as Dropbox or WeTransfer to

Entry details will be published should the entry become a finalist or winner. Please ensure these details are correct at the time of entry.
Each entrant is responsible for securing authorisation for entry from all relevant parties.
Each entrant is responsible for ensuring they supply entry imagery – up to four high-resolution digital photographs.
The organisers reserve the right to withdraw an award if they later find that the entrant did not comply with the entry conditions.
By entering the competition, permission is granted to Firth to use and/or reproduce entry details and images in any related and future marketing activities.

Entries now closed

At conference - Friday 7th May 2021