2019 Awards Entry Criteria

In making the assessment, juries must evaluate each project by looking at the 9 essential criteria that acknowledge the evolving depth and breadth of landscape architecture practice in Aotearoa, New Zealand and the role of the NZILA Awards in recognising excellence and outstanding achievements by Members.

Not all essential criteria apply equally to all categories. Relevant essential criteria are indicated under the specific criteria for each category.

1. Clarity
The project demonstrates a clarity of idea and concept, from the visual and written communication through to the executed work.

2. Sense of place
The project demonstrates an exceptional or outstanding expression of the site’s specific natural and cultural context.

3. Performance
The finished work demonstrates:

  • a creative response to the brief;
  • exceptional professional service; and
  • high levels of usability and experience.

4. Value
The project demonstrates added value for the client/stakeholders and/or value to the country, region, district, city or community. 

5. Innovation
The project demonstrates innovative planning and/or design solutions, innovative use of materials, documentation strategies or construction/fabrication methodologies.

6. Execution
The project demonstrates exceptional design, documentation and contract management.

7. Plantsmanship
The project demonstrates appropriateness of planting design for the concept and site context through the quality and success of plant establishment over time (e.g. 18 months).

8. Environmental stewardship
The project demonstrates:

  • effective sustainable management of natural & physical resources;
  • proven conservation and enhancement of intrinsic landscape and ecological  values;
  • innovative environmental solutions; and
  • supports and contributes to ecosystem services in the vicinity.

9. Signifcance and influence
 The project contributes to the education of the profession setting new benchmarks for best practice in the planning, design and management of landscape.